The second time I've attempted to make myself a website. In an attempt to encompass my own aspirations for far-reaching artistic endeavors, I'm trying to build a site that could expand to reflect a massive collaboration with wonderful people! 

Let's take a minute to reflect on my inspirations (in no particular order): Ariela Rotenberg, Dominic Finocchiaro, Lillian Meredith, Erin Mee, Elana McKelahan, Jessie Bear, Tom Waits, Tennessee Williams, James Joyce, Amanda Palmer, Antony Sher, Sirs Ian and Patrick McStewan, Raul Esparza, Jeff Aaron Bryant, Mallery Avidon, Margot Bordelon, the Rude Mechanicals, Punchdrunk, Caryl Churchill, Mugwumpin, Dave Malloy, Rachel Chavkin, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, NPH, PSH, LSD, Doritos and chocolate milk, The Beatles, Hugh Laurie, Lena Dunham, Amy Poehler, Joss Whedon, Kendra Slack, Julie Taymore, and you know, lots of others. 

AuthorStephen Bennett